Have you been dreaming of being on the golf course or spending more time traveling and enjoying the outdoors? Well, summer is finally here!

Are you living in a home that has become a bit too big for where you are now in your life? Have the kids moved out leaving you with empty rooms and no one to help with the chores anymore? Do you have a large piece of property that requires ongoing maintenance? What about cleaning a large house, cleaning a pool, mowing the lawn or extensive gardening? Are you able to keep up on regular maintenance of the home such as painting, roofing, plumbing and electrical?

Sometimes staying in a house with more maintenance than you can handle can cause its value to decline. Your home is an investment and you have likely garnered great pleasure out of living in the home for several years. Now it may be time for that home to continue to benefit you in a different way.

Some advantages to downsizing your home are a reduced mortgage, the ability to save money each month, put money away for retirement or investing, going on that dream vacation or sending your kids to college. And there is less headache without the amount of maintenance a larger home requires.

Planning to downsize your home should not be a snap decision. There are many things to consider when thinking about a move. If done correctly, it will take planning and strategizing to get you to exactly where you want to be.

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