I believe in open and honest communication with my clients, providing you with regular feedback as the escrow process unfolds– whether by e-mail, text messaging or phone calls– you will always be in the loop. From the moment you agree to work with me, we become partners in the buying process and I am committed to serving you and endeavor to make the process as easy as possible.

Paperwork is necessary and I will take the time to explain what you are signing and also make it easy to get them signed. I will come to you or meet you at a location convenient for you or documents can be signed using DocuSign on the fly.

Your trust in me is vital to keeping your best interests in mind as we strategize to purchase a home for you. As a Realtor with Corcoran Global Living, I am committed to creating and maintaining personal and business relationships that uphold the highest level of trust and integrity. Because to me, it’s all about the relationship.


  • You trust me.
  • I trust you.
  • I am honest with you.
  • You are honest with me.
  • Communicate.
  • Communicate.
  • Communicate.



Unless you are purchasing a home with cash, the very first thing you should do is contact a lender who can get you pre-approved for a loan. This way, you will know exactly what you can afford and will be ready to submit your pre-approval along with any offers you plan to make. Sellers will expect to see this and any proof of funds in order to make your offer as strong as possible.

I highly recommend selecting a LOCAL lender. Sellers agents know who the local lenders are and will often be more inclined to tell their sellers to accept an offer with a lender known for doing good work rather than a lender who is in another state or a cheap “online” lender. Lenders from out of the area are often more difficult to work with, take much longer to perform and don’t know our local real estate processes.

  • George Elliot at Caliber Home Loans 707-303-2935,
    email: gelliott[at]
  • Otto Kobler at Summit Funding 707-522-6300,
    email: okobler[at]
  • Greg Erigero at RPM Mortgage 707.861.9606,
    email: gregerigero[at]



I need thorough knowledge of your situation. By providing me with all of your information about what you are really looking for and some deal breakers, we can have a conversation about your goals and strategizing to get you to where you really want to be. I will coach you in a realistic manner about what it means to go through this process.

Only through constant communication can I advise you properly in pricing negotiations. By understanding your motivations and financial capabilities, I can help you craft a price negotiation strategy with the highest probability of success.



Because the selection process is very time consuming, prior to viewing properties with me, I require my buyer clients to complete the Buyer Questionnaire as well as be pre-approved with a local lender.

Once I have an understanding of your goals and wishes, as well as knowing you are qualified to purchase a property in a certain price range, we can then identify properties to go and visit.



Now that you have found a property that will suit your needs and is in your price range, we can discuss making an offer. If you have concerns about multiple offers and getting into a bidding war, please read my blog [I DON’T WANT TO GET INTO A BIDDING WAR]



  • I spend time to educate you on the process and explain potential scenarios and options for moving forward.
  • I work with you to strategize your offer for a better chance at being accepted.

I love helping my real estate buyers to find the perfect property. I love even more the ways in which I can help them to buy it at the very best price with the very best terms. Sometimes negotiations aren’t all about price. A great contract can involve other seller concessions that create the right deal for my buyer clients. Many real estate price negotiations involve multiple counter offers and a lot of back–and–forth. I’m with you with each counter offer to adjust your negotiation strategy accordingly.

  • I coordinate ordering inspections and providing access to inspectors and appraiser.
  • I will go over and help explain what the inspections reports are saying and how to work with this information to get you successfully to the next step.
  • I coordinate timely delivery of any documents regarding disclosures, inspection results, or title binder issues discovered.
  • I assist my buyers with any negotiations related to contingencies, inspections or documents.
  • I constantly monitor the status of all processes at the title company and with the lender.
  • I work with your mortgage company to coordinate delivery of documents they require.

What’s important to me? Proper follow–up and detailed coordination of every step of the closing process for my buyer clients. It’s critical that I make all deadlines and keep the transaction on track to avoid defaulting on any terms of the contract. I’ll keep your real estate transaction on track, and you’ll have the time and advice you need to assure that you’ve covered all of the bases prior to closing.



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