I provide a comprehensive evaluation of the toxicity in your home. Why is this important? There are likely toxins in your home that could be affecting your health, unbeknownst to you. If you have young children, it is important to eliminate exposing their young bodies to toxins and stop exposure sooner than later.

Once the information about some of the products you use in your home and other factors are gathered, I will provide a comprehensive report about the toxins that are present and specifically how they can affect your health, especially with prolonged use. The report will also provide alternatives to the toxic cleaners and products that we have come accustomed to using every day. There are several alternatives to use in your home to help avoid potential health risks and create a safer environment for everyone, including your pets!

The Well-Home Evaluation & Report includes the following:

  • Well-Home Questionnaire
  • Onsite Testing:
    • Water Quality Report & Rating
      • Water testing for Chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms
    • Air Quality Report
      • Air toxicity testing for VOCs and CO2 levels
    • Product Toxicity Report – which products in your home are toxic
    • Toxin Report – information and potential health effects of toxins in your home
    • Recommendations – non-toxic solutions and alternatives
    • Total Well-Home Rating