I believe in open and honest communication with my clients, providing you with regular feedback as the marketing  and escrow processes unfold– whether by e-mail, text messaging or phone calls– you will always be in the loop. From the moment you agree to work with me, we become partners in the selling process and I am committed to serving you and endeavor to make the process as easy as possible.

I pledge to be a reliable representative, establishing a personalized marketing strategy using my team’s knowledgeable and cohesive transaction management skills to get you through the process seamlessly and with less time required of you.

Paperwork is necessary and I will take the time to explain what you are signing and also make it easy to get them signed. I will come to you or meet you at a location convenient for you or documents can be signed using DocuSign on the fly.

My team and I can set up appointments and manage the work by vendors such as landscapers, painters and carpet cleaners – so you don’t even have to be there to let them in. We work with only bonded and insured vendors and can make a personal introduction to these qualified professionals to prepare your home for selling.

Your trust in me is vital to keeping your best interests in mind as we market and sell your property. As an agent with Corcoran Global Living, I am committed to creating and maintaining personal and business relationships that uphold the highest level of trust and integrity. Because to me, it’s all about the relationship.

Call me today to find out how I can simplify the process of selling your home for top dollar.


  • You trust me.
  • I trust you.
  • I am honest with you.
  • You are honest with me.
  • Communicate.
  • Communicate.
  • Communicate.



I need thorough knowledge of your situation. By providing me with all of your information about what you hope to gain through the sale of your home, where you are planning to go and your financials, we can have an honest conversation about your goals and strategizing to get you to where you really want to be. I will coach you in a realistic manner about what it means to go through this process.

Only through constant communication can I advise you properly in getting your home ready to sell and determining list price. By understanding your motivations and financial capabilities, I can help you through negotiations and the successful sale of your home.


Seller Questionnaire



I select comparable properties out of those sold recently and in the neighborhood or nearby. These “comparables” or “comps” are selected based on similarity in features, location and characteristics with your home. This can include square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amount of updating and if the home is single or multi storied. The comps must have been sold as recently as possible so the sold prices are of maximum value. I then do a thorough “adjustment” process to adjust their sold prices for any differences with your property. I make adjustments for garages, bathrooms and other major features to bring the comps to closely compare with your home. Then I use those sold prices to arrive at a preliminary listing price for your home. I say “preliminary” because I have another CMA step.


Now I get more comps, but instead, they’re properties currently listed and are your competition. I go through the same adjustment process, and I come up with another, possibly higher or lower, price suggestion for your home. This second CMA gives me more up–to–date information about the market which could cause us to lower or raise our preliminary list price to adjust to the current market. Using the two CMA results and an experienced analysis of your home’s position in the marketplace, we can set a listing price that will get the job done.



A proper list price that reflects current and realistic market conditions is critical to getting your real estate property sold quickly. I don’t want you to under–price, but it’s worse to over–price in any market. Buyers discount value by DOM, Days On Market. The longer a home stays on the market, the greater they’ll discount their offers. So, a realistic list price is how I make sure your property sell without languishing on the market.

How do I come up with a suggested list price that reflects your home’s competitive position? It’s a combination of services and experience, and I’m going to be very careful and detailed in my analysis and market evaluations to make sure that you don’t leave money on the table or sit around wondering why you aren’t getting offers.

My evaluation of how your property compares to the current competition is the first step. Then I may suggest some worthwhile corrections you can make to improve that position.



I take the time to help my seller clients to objectively evaluate their homes for marketability. Some brokerages do a once–over to get the information to put into the various information fields in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) However, I go much more into the detail of the features, characteristics and condition of your home.

I will postpone some photos until my team and I have worked with you to do a thorough inspection of your home with a whole lot of details in mind. Every buyer who sees your home will be comparing it to the competition in your area and price range. How your home compares is critical to how soon you sell it and at what price.

I offer things such as re-design services and professional photography, at no cost to you, to be sure that your home enters the market in the very best competitive position possible. A thorough and objective evaluation is an important step.

  • Interior – I can suggest simple things you can do to improve how well your home shows. Paint and flooring are most important and can be the easiest modifications for dramatic results.
  • Exterior – That “curb appeal” thing really does mean something. When a prospective buyer first drives up to the front of your home, they’re going to get a first impression that is very important. I help you to look at things like landscaping, exterior paint and condition. Here is an area in which small expenditures can yield big results.
  • Condition – Minor repairs can also make a major difference. Many buyers assume that a need for minor repairs indicates a general lack of fundamental maintenance over time. They may discount their offer, if they make one, thinking they’ll have a lot of work to do to bring the home to a good condition. So, I’m honest with you about things that I see and that buyers will see and consider in their evaluation.


Before and After Staging Gallery



Attracting today’s buyer means more than just a yard sign, a listing in MLS, and some basic photos—it requires targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to ensure your home/property is presented in a way that significantly differentiates it from the competition

I will provide a comprehensive marketing plan tailored specifically for your property. This will ensure that we are drawing the right buyers for your home. This plan will include some of the following, along with other proprietary techniques.


  • Marketing Materials
    • Postcards – Sent out to hundreds of local residents
    • Brochures Property Statements (Flyers) – posted in our office and handed out at open houses & brokers opens
    • Custom Websites – with your address ex.
    • Email Marketing – Blasts to 1000’s on our mailing list
    • Virtual Tour – These are used in your MLS listing, on your property website, on my website and in social media
  • Video & Voice Over – Some properties are better marketed with high end video and drone shots.
  • Social Media – I have a broad range of reach to thousands of people via social media.
  • Your Listing on the Internet – syndicated to all of the top real estate internet sites including, Zillow, RedFin, Trulia and 100’s more!
  • MLS – Multiple Listing Service is the most comprehensive and accurate collection of properties used exclusively by brokers and agents. Thorough and professionally written text descriptions and information will be input to highlight your property. I also use the maximum number of photos allowed on MLS.
  • Advertising – print ads in local and regional publications, online ads, featured listings online
  • Office & Broker Tours – These tours invite other brokers and agents to view your home, so if they have clients, they are familiar with the property.
  • Open Houses – This is a good way to allow many visitors on one day, so that private showings are not cutting into your personal time.
  • Prominent Signage –A website sign rider for passersby to easily gain information about your home.
  • Private Showings – I will arrange for special private showings.


My seller clients really appreciate my services in listing, marketing and getting a buyer signed on the dotted line on a purchase contract.

The process of taking a signed purchase contract through to closing involves a great many details, deliveries and document submissions. I coordinate all of this for my sellers, making sure that all phases of the closing process move along smoothly.

My team at Corcoran Global Living are firm believers in technology that will allow us to work more closely together to maximize opportunities and respect your time.

Title & Lender Communication – I work closely with the title company to make sure that all documents are processed in a timely manner. I keep in communication with the buyer’s lender to be sure the proper paperwork is moving forward according to our agreed upon deadlines.

Inspections, Survey & Appraisal – My job is to coordinate access for inspectors and the appraiser, and to accept deliveries of reports as well as any objections or corrective requirements from the buyers. I take this job seriously and will be with my sellers every step of the way. I stay on top of deadlines for responses to these inspections. I make sure reports are delivered to you on time or extensions are put into place, and that you respond within required time lines.

Repair Negotiations – If the buyer submits requirements for corrective actions to items on reports, I work with my sellers to determine the cost of those requirements and the appropriate response necessary to keep the deal going in a way that is beneficial to my seller clients.


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