Hi, I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners in Sebastopol, CA. As many of you know, I did buy my own house, moved in a couple months ago. Very, very pleased to be in a home of my own. And the one problem I ran into is not having enough furniture for my space, because I did come from the gnome home, a very small space. I have a much bigger space now. One of the places that I went to was Habitat ReStore. This is the store that is for Habitat for Humanity. A lot of people donate things, some building materials and things like that. But there’s a lot of furniture there too. I did find some pretty cool stuff and I’m very excited about it. A lot of people don’t know about ReStore, Habitat ReStore. It’s over off of Airway Drive in Santa Rosa, so it’s easy to get to.

I highly recommend, if you’re looking for things that are a little bit different, you will probably find them at Habitat ReStore. I highly recommend popping over there and seeing what you can find.

I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners.