Hi, I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners, and at my new house, I decided I was going to plant a couple plants in my backyard. I started digging and found out that the soil at my house in Santa Rosa is quite dense and quite hard and there was no way I was going to be able to dig a hole deep enough to put my plants into. I had to come up with a different solution, and so the solution I came up with is some planter boxes.

I got some nice redwood planter boxes and I put them in strategic places along the edge of my fence and filled them with all kinds of beautiful plants and flowers and things that will grow over the sides and really make it look nice. And then the rest of it, I went and got some wood chips and I put the very nice wood chips, not the cheap wood chips, I got the good ones, and put those around, all the way around them in the backyard.

This was a great fix that was pretty inexpensive, rather than completely landscaping or having professionals come in and have to rototill up the dirt and pull out everything, so I think this was a great solution and I’m finding that there are lots of things I can do that are not what I first think of when I want to do things here at my house. Planter boxes and wood chips, who knew?

I’m Sue Bonzell at Terra Firma Global Partners.