Hi, it’s Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners. And I’m getting very, very excited. It’s the annual Forestville Youth Park BBQ coming up June 4th and 5th. It’s always the first weekend in June. You can count on it every single year. Forestville Youth Park is a pretty amazing place. This is by the community, for the community, all of their funding is through the community. This is their biggest fundraiser of the year. I highly recommend you go out, take your family, take the kids. There’s carnival rides for the kids, there’s games, there’s music, there’s crafts, booze, and the barbecue is amazing. The food is so good there. It’s just a blast. It’s just a really nice little hometown event in Forestville.

The best part, Saturday, 10:00 AM is the Forestville parade. The highlight of that is the water fight with the Forestville Fire Department. Yep. The kids in Forestville, yep, they’re attacking the Forestville Fire Department with their water tanker. It’s a lot of fun. And if you need more information, I’ve got it all on my website, sue.wpengine.com.