Hi, I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners and many of you may have seen on my Facebook that I, myself, just bought a home for myself which is so exciting and I’m absolutely thrilled and I know exactly what my buyers are going through, it’s very, very stressful. I totally get it. I feel your pain. But it is exciting when you finally get in your home.

Now, when I was planning on moving I had a little bit of furniture. I came from what we called, The Gnome Home, the very small apartment that I lived in. And I didn’t have a lot of furniture and not a lot of quality furniture so I was contemplating asking my 17-year-old son and a handful of his friends to help move those things over. And as I was contemplating this, I had visions of these boys trying to move this very bulky furniture down flights of stairs and putting holes in the walls and breaking my furniture and somebody falling and breaking an ankle, so I quickly rethought that decision and I hired a moving company. And I was very happy that I did that.

I packed up all my own boxes. Moving company came, plastic-wrapped a bunch of my furniture, carefully got it down the stairs. They even had to lower some of my very large furniture out a window so I can’t even imagine these boys, 17-year-old boys trying to do this. I mean just, ugh, that hurts my head even trying to think about. So I’m very, very thankful that I hired a moving company. It was very smooth. It was very easy. And all of my stuff made it to my new house in one piece with no scratches, so that was a major bonus. So if you are moving and you need a recommendation for a moving company, come visit my website sue.wpengine.com and you can download my resource list. I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners in Sebastopol, CA.