Hi, it’s Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners, and if you are selling your home, there are a few things that you can do that we’re gong to call ‘etiquette‘ for you as a seller, that are really gong to help those buyers that are coming around. Now, I know that when your home is being shown, you kinda want to be there and you want to see who’s looking at your house. Maybe you want to be protective of your home. But the best advice I can give you as a seller when people are looking at your home is to leave. Please leave the house. Your buyers are going to be coming in with a qualified agent, who are going to be making sure that things are taken care of, and they’re not stealing anything, if you’re worried about that. Make sure you put your valuables away. Your agent should have told you that. But the best thing to do is just to leave. That really helps those buyers to feel comfortable in your home, to envision themselves living in your home. It really does help them relax a little more. If you’re there, and you’re over their shoulder, they really can’t relax. And when you’re not there, they are going to look in your cupboards and your drawers, and your closets. They are. They want to know what kind of space they’re gong to be able to get their things in. So just know that. And it is best for you to just go ahead and leave.

When you are leaving, if you do have pets, please take your pets with you. It’s better to take the pets with you instead of locking them in a bedroom or in the garage, or in the backyard and giving instructions to make sure that the pets can’t get in or can’t get out, and things like that. It’s very, very difficult for showings, for those buyers. Again, you want to make sure that those buyers feel so comfortable in your home, that they can truly envision themselves living in your home. You’re gong to be a lot more successful when buyers can envision themselves living in your home. So when you’re taking your pets with you, I’m gong to encourage you to take any of your pets’ bedding with you. Sometimes those have a lot of odors in them. You may not notice it, but buyers coming in are gong to notice some of those odors. So just take the pets and take the bedding with you. Maybe give a little spritz of some Febreze. You may not notice it, as I said, but those buyers, especially if they are not pet owners, may notice those odors, so…

The other thing is when you’re leaving you’re going to be maybe taking one of your cars. Maybe you have two cars or three cars, a couple in the driveway or on the street. Go ahead and move all of those cars out of the way. That does a couple of things. Number one, it opens up the front of your home, so that when people are arriving, they can see the front of your home. They’re not looking past cars to see your home, and it really just opens it up for them to see that and have that real curb appeal. The other thing it does, is it really is just etiquette, and it’s very nice to say, “You know what, I’m giving you the best parking place in the front of my home. You can park in my driveway, and it’s okay.” So that’s really just a nice thing to do. And it opens up your home. So those are just a few tips for you, if you are a seller, for some etiquette, to make those buyers feel really comfortable and get your home sold. That’s the goal

I’m Sue Bonzell, with Terra Firma Global Partners.