Hi. It’s Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners, and today I want to tell you about an event coming up on May 1st. It’s called “The 4-H ChickenQue.” If you’ve never been to the ChickenQue, you have to go to this event. It’s at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. It happens every year, the first Sunday in May. This year it happens to fall on May 1st. I was a 4-Her when I was a kid. I did the crafts and the foods. That’s where I learned my love of cooking. Of course, I did sewing and I had market lambs. That’s how I bought my first car was by having market lambs every year through 4-H. And this is a great program in Sonoma County for kids. It’s teaching them some great skills, especially leadership skills. It made a huge difference in my life, when I was growing up.

This is a great program to support. Easy way to do it is by going to the ChickenQue, and you get this huge plate of food… Barbecue chicken that is so delicious… At a really cheap price. And of course, you get to meet all the 4-Hers that are there. A lot of them have their projects there. You can see the animals, ask them questions about their projects, which is really cool. It kinda puts them on the spot and test their knowledge a little bit, which is super fun. The kids get really excited about their projects. But the best part about the entire day… Me, personally, this is what I think about… Is the cake booth. These kids have made the most amazing cakes that you have ever seen. And you can not only just get a little slice to go with your lunch, you can get an entire cake. That is by far the best part for me.

Support Sonoma County 4-H by going to the ChickenQue on May 1st. If you need all the details, you can visit my website, sue.wpengine.com.