Hi. It’s Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners. And a lot of times I have out of town buyers coming to the town of Sebastopol, because it is a very desirable area. Now, a lot of people are asking, “There’s a lot of vineyards in Sebastopol and in the area. What’s the story with that?” And I always have to tell them, “Everywhere you look in Sebastopol, where you see a vineyard, used to be an apple orchard.” And of course the Gravenstein apples, huge in Sebastopol. I always encourage them, “Make sure you come in April for the Apple Blossom Festival, you get to see all the beautiful apple blossoms that are still around in some of the great apple orchards around Sebastopol, and of course a great parade down a main street in Sebastopol and our Festival in April.”

And of course in August, the Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple Fair which is a big one, I used to work at it when I was little. I grew up on an apple farm, so this is home for me, is Sebastopol. So, that’s the story with all the vineyards in the Sebastopol area, everywhere you see a vineyard, used to be apples. There’s still a handful of those older orchards with the old trees, and it’s coming back with the resurgence of the ciders, all the great apple ciders and things like that. So, I’m really hoping that some of those apple orchards don’t go completely away with more vineyards. I love wine and I love cider, too. So, I hope you get to visit Sebastopol soon. I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners.