Hey, it’s Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners, your Sonoma County realtor. And last week we talked about disclosures, and this week I promised you a story about a seller who might be getting sued because they didn’t disclose something. I had some great buyers who bought a home where the seller had replaced part of the siding on the home because apparently, there was an issue with the siding. They didn’t quite do it right, and it wasn’t finished, they didn’t finish the painting. Now here we are months later, and my buyers are ready to remove that siding and really get everything done properly. Well, when they pulled off that piece of siding, behind it what they found was that all of the wood behind it was completely rotten and needs to be replaced.

Ultimately, what that seller did was they just took brand new siding and put it right over the top of that old rotten wood, knowing full well that it was rotten underneath. That was kind of a no-no. And as a realtor… Hopefully, they were not advised to do that by their realtor. Now, it’s a possibility that they could be getting sued because they did not disclose that that was under there, they really should have taken care of that. When I say to my sellers, “Disclose, disclose, disclose,” that’s what you gotta do. Make sure you consult with your realtor, you’re talking with them, you’re being very honest about everything you know about the property.

I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners.