Hey, it’s Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners, your Sonoma County realtor. I do a lot of work on country properties. If you’ve never lived on a country property before, you’ve never had to deal with a septic system. Eww, gross, I know. Kind of a weird topic for me, but it is something that is important. Even if you have lived somewhere where there is a septic system, or you never have before, you’ve always been on city sewer systems, this little video is for you. I’ve got your top three things that you don’t want to do when you have a septic system.

Okay, number one. In the toilet, I’m sorry, toilet paper only, okay. You’re doin’ your business, toilet paper only. I don’t need to say anything more about that, okay, let’s just leave it at that. Okay. Alright.

Number two, no pun intended. When you’re using your disposer, your disposal system in your kitchen, I know that a lot of times if you are on a regular system, it’s easy just to put things in there, especially like citrus rinds to make it smell really good, don’t to that. Anything solid you don’t want to put in your disposal, okay? We’re talking about egg shells, and citrus, and coffee grounds or tea bags, or anything like that, do not put them in your disposal, that’s too much for your septic system you’re not going to do anything good for your septic by doing that.

Number three, when you’re cleaning, no harsh cleaners, especially ones with bleach. No straight bleach in your sink, or your toilet, or even in your laundry. So find some things that are a little less abrasive, and I have some great suggestions on my website, sue.wpengine.com on my blog, that will give you some alternatives to some of the very abrasive cleaners that we tend to use a lot. So those are your top three ‘don’t do’s’ for septic systems, and I’ve got even more on my website, on my blog, suebonzellrealestate.com.

I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners.