Do use substitutes for household hazardous waste. Replace the following hazardous products with products that are less environmentally harmful. The hazardous cleaners are listed below, followed by the suggested substitute:

 For surfaces, sprinkle baking soda on a
damp sponge.For windows, use a solution of 2 Tbs.
(30 mL) white vinegar to 1 qt. (1 L) water.
Place the mixture into the spray bottle.
Disinfectants  Use borax: 1/2 cup in a gallon of water;
deodorizes also.
Drain decloggers  Use a plunger, metal snake, or remove
and clean trap.
Scouring cleaners
and powders
 Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge or
add 4 Tbs. baking soda to 1 qt. warm
water or use Bon Ami. It’s cheaper and
won’t scratch.
Carpet and
Upholstery cleaners
 Sprinkle dry cornstarch or baking soda on,
then vacuum. For tougher stains, blot
with white vinegar in soapy water.
Toilet cleaners  Sprinkle on baking soda or Bon Ami, then
scrub with a toilet brush.
Furniture and
floor polishes
 To clean, use oil soap and warm water.
Dry with soft cloth. Polish with 1 part
lemon juice and 2 parts oil (any kind), or
use natural products with lemon oil or
beeswax in mineral oil.
Metal cleaners  Brass and copper: scrub with half lemon
dipped in salt.Stainless steel: use scouring pad and a soft
wet cloth.
Oven cleaners  Quickly sprinkle salt on drips, then scrub.
Use baking soda and scouring pads on
older spills.
Laundry detergents  Choose one with a zero phosphate content.