I’m Sue Bonzell, with Terra Firma Global Partners. We’re talking about getting your house ready to sell and actually get on the market, a few things that need to be considered before you actually launch and go on the market. Now we’ve talked about a couple of things getting your house ready in my previous videos, and today I’m going to talk about bringing in somebody to do a redesign. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of staging which, if the house is vacant, a stager can bring in their furniture and all of their decor and really make it great, which is a very good idea.

But an alternative to that is if you’re still living in your home, you can have an expert come in and do what’s called a redesign using all of your furniture, your artwork, all of your cool stuff, and it’s basically a re-arranging of everything in your house. I will tell you that every single client that I have done this with has been blown away by the results. They’ve said to me, “I can’t believe my house looks this good.” And it’s all their stuff!

This is something to take into consideration to make sure that your house is really going to show its best. It’s my job to help you get your house ready, so that you can get top dollar for your house. That is the goal, isn’t it?

I’m Sue Bonzell, with Terra Firma Global Partners.