Hi, I’m Sue Bonzell, residential realtor in Sonoma county, and you may have heard that I changed brokerages. I’m now with Terra Firma Global Partners, and of course everybody asks me, “Why did you make a change?” Well, number one, they did make me a really great offer, but it wasn’t totally about the money in my pocket. It really is the way that they treat the realtors in their office and our clients. They encourage the realtors to work together collaboratively, so that we are truly able to provide the best service to our clients with the most experience in the entire business. They’re serving Sonoma county, Marin county, and Napa county, and I just love that their main focus is really about building relationships. And as a people person that I am, that is super important to me, so I knew that going with this company was going to be the right move for me in my growing business. And as you know, making a big change is never easy, so I really appreciate your support in making this change. I’m Sue Bonzell with Terra Firma Global Partners.