Hi, it’s Sue Bonzell from Vanguard Properties in Sebastopol, CA.¬†Folks nowadays are looking to downsize their homes. They’ve finally retired, yay! The kids have grown and moved out and they have this huge home that they’re trying to maintain and all of this landscaping, that they really want to spend their time enjoying life. So it’s time to maybe downsize a little bit. But a lot of folks are a little scared to do this because they’re worried that with very little homes on the market to choose from, they’re worried that if they sell their current home they might end up with nowhere to live.

There are some great solutions to this fear, one of them being a contingency sale, on your home, or even using the equity that you have in your current home to get into a replacement home, or even using a bridge loan, with a great local lender. These are all some great options that I’m going to discuss a little bit more in detail in my next couple of blogs. I hope that you’ll tune in next week with more information about a contingency sale on a home if you’re trying to look for a replacement.

I’m Sue Bonzell with Vanguard Properties.